Beauty Tips By Dr. Khurram Mushir


For Bad Breath

  • Any sweet tasting herbs can be used to freshen the breath, so choose the taste you like the best.
  • For a ‘quick fix’ keep cardamom seeds handy. When required chew them for a while. You can also add cardamom seeds to herbal teas.
  • Make a mixture of fresh mint, lemon.... juice, rosemary or coriander, and a little cinnamon in a cup of boiling water. This tea can be drunk at the end of a meal or used as a mouthwash when cool.
  • Herbal Mouth-Wash
    1 tbsp. vinegar Warm water- 1 cup Honey – 2 tbsp.. Cloves (laung)(Powdered) – 1/2 tsp. Method – Mix together all above ingredients and use as a mouth wash.

For Body Odor

  • In a bucket of water, add a piece of alum (phitkari) and a few drops of rosewater. Take a bath with this water everyday.
  • Use deodorants or anti-per spirants regularly especially in your underarms immediately after a bath or apply talcum powder in under-arms, feet and the pubic area.
  • Take regular baths.
  • Take coriander, cinnamon, rosemary, cumin and fennel. Boil then leave to cool and use as a wash. Or tie them into a muslin (malmal) cloth and add to your bath water.

For Dark Circles

  • Apply potato juice to the dark circles with a cotton ball. Leave till it dries.
  • Close your eyes and put big round slices of cucumber over your eye-lids in such a manner that it covers the dark circles. Leave them there for at least half an hour
  • Wear sunglasses before going out in the sun.
  • Drink lots of water and lukewarm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder in it.
  • Crush one plum or cheeko, add half tsp. glycerin and half tsp. pearl powder. Mix and apply on dark circles for 15 minutes regularly.

For Moles

  • Take a pinch of baking soda and mix it with some drops of castor oil. Apply this paste on moles and leave it overnight. Repeat this continuously for a few days. This is one of the effective home remedies for moles.
  • Honey is also used to remove moles. Apply honey onto the moles every morning. Within just a couple of days, the moles will diminish and fade out.

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